About author

Hi friends! My name is Jake Carter, and I’ve been professionally involved in anything related to electricity for over 20 years. And if you take my amateur experience, that’s almost 30 years.

My first conscious step into the world of electricity was back in middle school when I developed a huge interest in how things around us worked. The rest was destiny, as I soon realized that my place was in the fascinating world of electricity and electrical appliances.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to work with a vast array of tools and equipment. Some of which I still use to this day, while others were teaching moments. However, my dedication goes much deeper than just being able to do quality wiring or plug in an outlet. It also lies in doing good and teaching others what I know. And that’s where our website, a-teamelectrickc.com, comes to my rescue.

This site is our online workshop where I get to put my skills, experiences, and advice on choices for special stuff. Whether you are a specialized electrician searching for a high-quality multimeter or an amateur who is curious to learn more about different devices, this site will show you it all.

The goal of a-teamelectrickc.com is simple – to provide you with the knowledge you need not only about electrical engineering but also to help you choose the right appliances and tools for your workflow. With my numerous years of experience and some creative twist, I ‘filter’, I assume, the world of electrical work, where complex concepts are made understandable and fun to be around. Trust me as an expert, and we will sail together, worrying about the safety and efficiency of all your electrical ventures.

About me

Since the earliest times, I would be the one to break my toys into pieces so that I could check on how they worked — which, most of the time, made my parents angry. My curiosity about the screw, nuts, gears, and circuits wasn’t exactly just a very short-term interest; over time, it was rather starting to become a passion of mine after every device I dismantled, such as a radio or flashlight.

Thus, high school became my academic platform for earning the necessary knowledge and skills for electrical engineering. Later, I realized I needed to get more experiential learning than just a degree. I plunged into the market, getting my apprenticeship in an electricity company in my dorm town.

Over the years, my career has taken on many roles and taught me the ins and outs of industrial electricity. I’ve held a sales position at a power tool store, had my own small electrical repair business, helped friends with electrical work, and now I’ve decided to share my experience with the many audiences of a-teamelectrickc.com.